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Rebecca Mason is a UK based artist using light to convey the darkness within human life, existence and emotion. Working with and exhibiting neon widely in London in particular since early 2013, her creations are described as "an extraordinary mix of truth and beauty through which she is able to engage her audience with brutal observations about life, love, money and culture with her honest, and often humorous, interpretation of the modern world". By mid 2015, with over 40 neon pieces already under her belt over the previous 2.5 years, Rebecca had firmly established herself on the existing London neon art scene, a scene which has grown considerably since then.

Rebecca's practice uses the brushes of neon and text to create a gritty and simultaneously delicate world. Drawing inspiration from the exciting, chaotic playground of London, her life experiences, mistakes and feelings and particularly from the events of the wider world and politics, her work focuses on day to day realities of human existence. By mid 2014, Rebecca had developed and regularly exhibited a clearly distinctive and unique style with a large number of pieces incorporating (mostly) single word neon glass in her own handwriting, always separate letters (never cursive joined up text) with a background of typed text about the overall theme, and occasionally relevant imagery. The background text is (in most cases, bar a couple of short lyrics or quotes, copyright always covered) written by Rebecca herself covering topics she feels strongly about, with some works being in progress for 3-4 years as she dips in and out of the content and ideas to reach her final text, order, placement and message.

Her work encompasses themes of inequality, fear, envy, misinformation, disinformation, imperfection, prejudice, blame, judgment, assumptions, truth, acceptance, power, control, chaos and wilful oblivion. Rather than a purely negative reflection on society, Rebecca sees her work as a representation of "truth" about our human behaviour (although would debate whether there really is a "truth" too), truths and realities which have to be faced in order to fix our problems and make the world a better place for everyone, not just the privileged few, often deploying humour and wit to convey her message, along with meta elements within a piece and regularly mocking herself and the art industry itself (particularly neon). Rebecca also regularly donates artwork to charitable causes and auctions.

Rebecca takes great care to not do singular neon words or phrases that have already been created and exhibited by the major neon artists now and in the past and those in the UK, given the very small nature of the neon art world both nationally and internationally. A lot of research goes into first ensuring that none of her contemporaries have done the same word piece or something very similar, particularly in a similar text. Rebecca's use of detailed background text also helps to differentiate her work.

Rebecca has also recently established Sentient, a new physical and online gallery and design space, which she manages and curates.

Rebecca has exhibited at various UK venues and has collectors both in the UK and overseas.