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MAY/JUNE 2018: reduced price test prints and seconds

Sometimes I have test prints I purchased when deciding which papers/images to use. Some of these are watermarked as tests, others are not. Often, they are one offs. They are also archival quality on museum grade papers. As I spend quite a lot on these over time (as the neons are hard to shoot, and the trade off between the neon glow/sharpness of the background detail usually takes a number of attempts to get to the version I want!) and given they usually still look really good, I sometimes offer them here at prices that are far lower than the final print edition. They may have some imperfections etc, hence the price, but I have found these unique pieces to be popular with collectors so list them here when available.

I also sometimes have framed prints sitting around the studio where they have suffered some damage as they are moved around, so I offer them here from time to time too at reduced prices given that the frames are bespoke sizes for the specific prints so can’t be reused if I sell the print separately.

This section gets updated as and when I significantly damage pieces or do new tests! Once an item is sold and received by the buyer the listing is removed.

SOLD OUT: TEST PRINTS: Psychotherapy "The Neon Health Service Department Of Light Therapy" diamond dusted test/ artist proof - limited edition print

SOLD OUT: TEST PRINTS: Psychotherapy "The Neon Health Service Department Of Light Therapy" diamond dusted test/ artist proof - limited edition print



Limited edition (of 5) hand embellished print test. Each one is signed and numbered and the word “psycho” is hand embellished by me with diamond dust (over the shape of the letters). Each of the 5 mini prints is slightly different as i tested different levels of diamond dust over the lettering on each so I could decide what level to go for in the final edition.

This is an image of my original 2014 version of The Neon Health Service Department Of Light Therapy piece (that is, it is a print of the neon piece with the white light and the aluminium background which was the original variant of the neon piece). I recently ordered a few prints of this as tests to see how well the image would come out.

I decided to opt for two larger versions to be in the final realease - one in this grey and white colourway and one with the red light colourway (i.e. image of my 2015 neon copy of the piece) as the final edition (which will be released in a month or two, also with some diamond dust). However, these white and grey mini prints came out well so I decided to test some diamond dust on them too and release them as a special offer mini limited run!

The neon original itself flashes from “psychotherapy” to “psycho” so on these mini print tests I diamond dusted just the “psycho” part, with dusting over each of the letters. Each of the 5 tests has slightly varying levels of diamond dust as I was trialing different coverage - some are dusted directly over the “psycho” letters only, some go a little wider around the outside of the “psycho” lettering too.

Special starting price of £100 each.

Hahnemuehele photo rag 308gsm paper

Print size is 63 x 25.5 cm including 1cm border all the way around.

Signed and numbered on the front.

Despite being tests these do not have test print watermarks!


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