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Reduced price test prints and seconds

Sometimes I have test prints I purchased when deciding which papers/images to use. Some of these are watermarked as tests, others are not. Often, they are one offs. They are also archival quality on museum grade papers. As I spend quite a lot on these over time (as the neons are hard to shoot, and the trade off between the neon glow/sharpness of the background detail usually takes a number of attempts to get to the version I want!) and given they usually still look really good, I sometimes offer them here at prices that are far lower than the final print edition. They may have some imperfections etc, hence the price, but I have found these unique pieces to be popular with collectors so list them here when available.

I also sometimes have framed prints sitting around the studio where they have suffered some damage as they are moved around, so I offer them here from time to time too at reduced prices given that the frames are bespoke sizes for the specific prints so can’t be reused if I sell the print separately.

This section gets updated as and when I significantly damage pieces or do new tests! Once an item is sold and received by the buyer the listing is removed.

SAMPLE "Power" necklace - only 2 exist - collab between Rebecca Mason and Esa Evans - stainless steel

SAMPLE "Power" necklace - only 2 exist - collab between Rebecca Mason and Esa Evans - stainless steel


Only two necklaces like this exist (and will ever exist). They were created in summer 2018 as samples when Esa and I were deciding which version of the “power” necklaces I had designed would become the final necklace release. in the end, we chose a different version of “power” to the one shown here making this one limited edition to just two! The final edition “power” necklaces will be released late November (see the listing in the jewellery section for that version) but this is your chance to own a “power” necklace now, and be one of only two people to ever have this version.

Laser cut, hypoallergenic, stainless steel, In branded gift box with signed info card.

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