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In 2017, I have worked with jewellery designer Esa Evans to produce a range of necklaces using words I have used in neon. I have created the designs, in some cases exact copies of the shape of the neons, in other cases (as my handwriting was too messy to translate from neon glass to metal) via building out text by hand to createshapes that worked well. Each option is created in small quantities, comes in a branded gift box and has a signed info card. The jewellery is stainless steel / rose gold plated stainless steel, laser cut and hypoallergenic.

Jewellery - GONE ROGUE - ESA EVANS X REBECCA MASON - PETROL stainless steel necklace

Jewellery - GONE ROGUE - ESA EVANS X REBECCA MASON - PETROL stainless steel necklace


Petrol oil slick colour polished stainless steel necklace with blimey statement text. Designed by Rebecca Mason and jewellery designer Esa Evans, the text was built out by Rebecca in a computer program to create the template shape.

Due to the nature of the petrol colour finish (anodised titanium), please note that some necklaces have more of a purple hue, some more blue and others more of a green hue as the main colour. in some cases one word is more purple and the other more green, in other cases they match more.  In the photos you can see some have a greener "gone" and a more purple "rogue" whilst in others it is the other way around.

This is for a single necklace - two are shown in the photos to show the differences in colours.

Laser cut, stainless steel. Comes in presentation gift box with Esa Evans X Rebecca Mason embossing.


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