S H O P : L I G H T // A R T

Here you can buy neon art and light art by UK artist Rebecca Mason. Most works are editions of 2-5.

SOME MAY INVOLVE A WAIT OF 3-4 WEEKS IF I DON’T HAVE A COPY READY IN THE EDITION (but still show as “in stock”). It takes time to get the backgrounds in and framed up before I can attach the light too etc.

Neon works where the edition is already sold out are often *not* included below, though can be viewed in the "artwork" section of this site.

Neon light - Ice Queen (please do not touch)

Neon light - Ice Queen (please do not touch)


SOLD OUT. Hence price now says 0.

Edition of 3.

40.2cm x 142.2cm x 15cm

Plugs into a normal 3 point plug socket. I recommend they are either hung on chains (supplied) or a block of wood sits within the frame (not supplied). The frames are hollow.

Neon (argon, mercury, glass, electrodes, cable, porcelain headed stands) on aluminium, acrylic and photographic print in deep aluminium frame. Includes UK transformer. Please contact me regarding postage charges.


sold out
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