S H O P : L I G H T // A R T

Here you can buy neon art and light art by UK artist Rebecca Mason. Most works are editions of 2-5.

SOME MAY INVOLVE A WAIT OF 3-4 WEEKS IF I DON’T HAVE A COPY READY IN THE EDITION (but still show as “in stock”). It takes time to get the backgrounds in and framed up before I can attach the light too etc.

Neon works where the edition is already sold out are often *not* included below, though can be viewed in the "artwork" section of this site.

SOLD OUT:Neon light - Gut Instinct

SOLD OUT:Neon light - Gut Instinct



Unique. - only one

59cm x 89cm x15cm


Neon (argon, mercury, glass, electrodes, cable, plastic stands) on mirror with vinyl text. Please contact me regarding postage charges.

sold out
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