S H O P : N E O N A R T

Here you can buy neon art by UK artist Rebecca Mason. Most works are editions of 2-5.

SOME MAY INVOLVE A WAIT OF 3-4 WEEKS IF I DON’T HAVE A COPY READY IN THE EDITION (but still show as “in stock”). It takes time to get the backgrounds in and framed up before I can attach the neon.

Neon works where the edition is already sold out are often *not* included below, though can be viewed in the "artwork" section of this site.

Neon light - Going Up In Smoke And Mirrors (fake)

Neon light - Going Up In Smoke And Mirrors (fake)


Edition of just 2 (plus one AP. AP is already sold).

Neon on direct printed brushed aluminium in deep aluminium frame.

Quote is taken from the recent undercover video of the head of Cambridge Analytica. Final sentence is the artist's own.

96cm x 76 cm x 16 cm deep approx

Includes UK transformer

Please note, this light is created using a blue glass tube filled with neon. Neon lights red/red-orange, so this combo gives the effect of a pink light with a slight purple tone and blue edging glass. This combination can often result in colour variation - some tubes come out more pink, some more red, some more purple, some more lilacy blue. This happens with these tubes so you may find some letters vary in colour and there are variations within the letter - this is part of the product and the natural process.

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