S H O P : L I G H T // A R T

Here you can buy neon art and light art by UK artist Rebecca Mason. Most works are editions of 2-5.

SOME MAY INVOLVE A WAIT OF 3-4 WEEKS IF I DON’T HAVE A COPY READY IN THE EDITION (but still show as “in stock”). It takes time to get the backgrounds in and framed up before I can attach the light too etc.

Neon works where the edition is already sold out are often *not* included below, though can be viewed in the "artwork" section of this site.

Everybody's Looking For Something (aka the hunt) - neon light

Everybody's Looking For Something (aka the hunt) - neon light


Edition of 3

Neon (argon and mercury) filled glass tubes on matt acrylic, photo print and aluminium in deep aluminium frame. UK transformer.

All text is written by Rebecca. It’s a piece about human longing, desire and the often endless search for more. The final line is a play on the computer shortcut for “search” and the central role that a desire for control often plays in our modern lives.

PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING - PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR A QUOTE TO YOUR SPECIFIC LOCATION. (e.g. if you are in London, fully insured in transit shipping via a dedicated van from Folkestone is usually around £100-120. If you are in Manchester it’s around £300, for example)


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