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 Photo Credit: Ben Fisher Photography

Photo Credit: Ben Fisher Photography

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For all queries about available artwork, installment payment plans, exhibition opportunities and commissions, please complete the below form or email Rebecca at

I have only a limited stock listed on my online shop - there are more artworks available - drop me a message to check availability if you're interested in a particular piece. The prices and details are usually listed in the shop, please check there first for that info.

A few notes to save your time (and mine):

PRINTS ARE ON PAPER AND DO NOT LIGHT UP. Please do not contact me to ask how one of my paper prints lights up......The original neon works light up and that is why they are more expensive than the prints.

I very rarely agree to commissions. I create the pieces as artistic expressions for myself and the backgrounds take a long time to write in many cases -  I struggle to create something for someone else on a theme they have given me as it does not come from my heart. Commissions, by the nature of them, if ever undertaken will always be more expensive than the neon work I list in my shop (as a guide). I am also not taking on any requests for bespoke signs. If you are set on a commission I will always charge consultation and design fees.

Please note, the artwork is only provided on a hire basis in very limited circumstances and always incurs a hire fee. The artwork will not be loaned out free of charge.

Regarding gallery and show enquiries, I am always happy to hear of potential new shows. Please note however that I will not consider any event where the curator/organiser does not have insurance for the work or has not agreed in writing to cover any and all costs associated with damage/breakage and theft.